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We supply all sizes of induction heaters to the Aviation industry, depending on their application.
All kinds of parts are heated for assembly purposes like drums, spacers and housing parts.

Induction heating is a safe, clean and controlled method of heating.
No risky flames, no poluting smoke! When it comes to mounting bearings it is essential that bearing manufacturers instructions are followed.
Without any doubt induction heating for shrinkfitting  is recognised as the safe method for fitting bearings by bearing suppliers. Induction heaters are  suitable for all middle and large size straight-bore bearings and for small bearings with cylindrical seating arrangements.

Important advantages are:
  • Perfect, controlled heating, no explosive heating exceeding manufacturer's advise (usually 120°C)
  • No metallurgical changes
  • Even heating
  • The original bearing grease is retained
  • Avoid risk of shaft damage
  • No risk of contamination to the bearing

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