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In the Aviation industry we have supplied various small size self-centering pullers (mechanical and hydraulic), for save and damage free removal of bearings, rings etc.

BETEX pullers differ from standard available pullers by:

High quality steel

  • This prevents damage to shaft or object being pulled.
  • Easy to use, arms slide inwards or outwards simultaneously.  
  • Can be used in any position.
  • The harder the force, the tighter the jaws grip.
  • Arms cannot bend or deflect.
  • Easy to convert from 3- to 2 arm puller if available space requires this.
Integrated pump and cylinder
  • Hydraulic models have integrated pump and cylinder, you do not need a separate hose pump or cylinder!
  • The integral safety release valve prevents overloading
  • and ensures that maximum capacity is not exceeded.

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