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About us

Bega Special Tools was founded in 1978. Bega is manufacturer and distributor of Special Tools for safe, cost effective mounting and dismounting of bearings and transmission parts. The tools are used in production and maintenance departments in MRO and OEM companies.  Bega exports to over 60 countries and serves all types of industries. With special solutions in for instance Wind, Rail, Mining and Steel industry. For more information see Industrial applications

Ball bearings can wear out faster or become damaged. Common causes are: a lack of lubrication: oil or grease, too high temperature, impurities, too high a load, incorrect assembly. When a bearing is damaged it is visually perceptible. A consequence of damage is vibration. Using vibration analysis this can be measured and one can analyze which error has occurred. Immediatet action is then required because the consequential damage is considerably greater than the costs of replacing a bearing.

With our Special Tools we aim to improve the quality of maintenance and installation of rotating parts in machines, thus obtaining a longer lifespan.

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