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Bega Special Tools is proud to announce that we have following certifications:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001 is the internationally accepted standard for quality management systems.
Due to our increasing international activities, the management decided in 2015 to initiate the certification process. ISO 9001 is the internationally accepted standard for quality-management systems. The company considers ISO as a useful tool in establishing all aspects of operations, development, manufacturing and distribution. This relates to Special Tools for the assembly, disassembly, monitoring and lubrication of bearings and drive-system components, as well as an industrial hydraulics programme.

Bega is VCA certified.
We perform electrical inspections in accordance with NEN 3140.

c CSA us
Bega Special Tools is manufacturer of a large range BETEX® Induction heaters.
Specialy for the Canadian and US market a number of our standard induction heaters are certified by CSA.

The CE marking that can be found on all our products, indicates that these comply with the applicable rules within the European Economic Area.
CE stand for Conformité Européenne, which means as much as, in Compliant with European Regulations.

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