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Present company owner and CEO is  Henk van Essen, who joined the company in 1998. Past owners are Frank Garritsen and Carol Poelma. Carol Poelma continues to work for the company in her position of Director Communications, CIO.

Bega International b.v. was founded in 1978 by Bernard Garritsen. The name BEGA is derived from the first 2 letters of BErnard GArritsen. We operate under the trade name: Bega Special Tools.

The company started off as a one-man-company selling a very special puller "TRACTA". Designed for difficult dismantling jobs and for avoiding damage during the extraction process. The company has grown in employee numbers and the product range has developed into a full range of MOUNTING and DISMOUNTING tools. Central to the activities are BEARINGS, heart of all rotating equipment. Our mantra: Safe tools, save time, save energy. Key to Bega’s success is a combination of sound advice and quality tools.  Bega Special Tools are sold worldwide through a network of dealers. We export to over 60 countries. Our brand name BETEX® is widely spread. Nowadays, the product range  also includes a professional range of Industrial Hydraulic equipment: cylinders, pumps, spreaders, lifters, jacks, workshop presses and workbenches.

Our philosophy:
Plan maintenance and work safely and damage-free with the right tools.

In the literally very mobile world of drive components and bearings, the isosceles triangle was a special shape for Ben Garritsen. Seen as a table that rests on three legs, it is a beacon of peace, stability and reliability. Such a table will never topple over. The bearing lies in the heart of the triangle, that is the specialization that our company has chosen: Maintenance in the world of drive technology.

1978 - Bernard Garritsen
1988 - son Frank Garritsen takes over business
1999 - Carol Garritsen-Poelma becomes co-shareholder
2012 - Henk van Essen becomes co-shareholder
2018 - September: Frank Garritsen retires and ceases all activities for Bega
2019 - January: Henk van Essen acquires 100% shares
2019 - January: Carol Poelma remains as Communications Director, CIO

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