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Bega International e.g. was founded in 1978 by Bernard Garritsen. The name Bega is a contraction of the first two letters of Bernard Garritsen.
Bega Special Tools is the trade name under which we operate.

The company started with a unique puller TRACTA  for the dismantling of ball bearings. This expanded into a program of high-quality tools for maintenance and production work. The bearing is central, the heart of all rotating equipment.

Bernard Garritsen’s corporate philosophy:
Plan maintenance and work safely and damage-free with the right tools.

In the literally very mobile world of drive components and bearings, the isosceles triangle was a special shape for Ben Garritsen. Seen as a table that rests on three legs, it is a beacon of peace, stability and reliability. Such a table will never fall. The bearing lies in the heart of the triangle, that is the specialization that our company has chosen: Maintenance in the world of drive technology.

1978 - Bernard Garritsen
1988 - son Frank Garritsen takes over business
1999 - Carol Garritsen-Poelma becomes co-shareholder
2012 - Henk van Essen becomes co-shareholder
2018 - September: Frank Garritsen retires and ceases all activities for Bega
2019 - January: Henk van Essen acquires 100% shares
2019 - January: Carol Poelma remains as Communications Director, CIO

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