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Manufacturer and Distributor

BETEX® Induction Power! Our induction heaters are developed and manufactured by Bega Special Tools in Vaassen-the Netherlands. We produce one of the largest standard series in the world. Our long-term expertise and knowledge of the market ensures continuous development. This allows us to offer the latest solutions, including customization, for assembly and disassembly of bearings and other metal machine parts.

Our R&D department thinks along with you. Custom solutions for difficult assembly and disassembly jobs are possible with us.

BETEX® Hydraulic Power! Is a growing pillar in our range of maintenance tools: high-pressure hydraulic workshop equipment, 700 bar. Developed and produced by Bega according to internationally applicable standards and tested. (ISO 9001-2008). Interchangeable with other international brands.

Bega is a distributor of perma-tec® automatic lubrication systems. We are Perma-tec's largest stockholding Distributor in Europe and "PREFERRED DISTRIBUTOR". Perma-tec has been working with Bega for over 25 years. Bega employees are regularly trained in Germany and the Netherlands to follow the latest developments.

Distributor (Worldwide)

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