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Bega Special Tools supplies tools to all kinds of industries.
Here you will find examples of projects and solutions we have carried out in various industries. No doubt you will recognize applications, and understand  just how smart and  cost-effective our solutions can be for you!
Every industry has its own specific set of conditions or job dimensions. But the same applications are found everywhere. Issues for instance in the field of assembly and disassembly technology for bearings, gears, etc., are universal! Over the years we have accumulated vast experience in this field. And our tools are used in more than 60 countries.
For special applications we perform pre-testing with parts that a customer makes available for this purpose. Where necessary we even manufacture tailor-made equipment. And by providing the best possible solutions, we realize significant savings for you. Damage-free work and reuse of parts are important examples of measurable cost savings!!

If you have a specific problem in the field of assembly or disassembly of drive components, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales department.  > CONTACT)

PERMA automatic lubrication systems
Perma automatische Schmierung - Bega Special Tools
Stahlfabrik - Stahlindustrie Bega Special Tools
Bahntechnik - Bega Special Tools
Schiffahrt - Bega Special Tools
Windindustrie - Bega Special Tools
Bergbau - Bega Special Tools
Antriebstechnik - Bega Special Tools
Maschinebau - Bega Special Tools
Ppaierindustrie - Bega Special Tools
Wir liefern Produkte für die Luftfahrt - Bega Special Tools
Massgefertigte Produkte - Bega Special Tools

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