Maintenance & hydraulic tools for bearings and transmission parts


We supply equipment for mounting and dismounting bearings, couplings and gear wheels. With our specialized tools you improve the quality of the job and you  improve personal safety on site! We have many examples where the work efficiency increased spectacularly, return of investment was no question.

No flames, no damage, safety first! 


BETEX MF Quick-heaters are state of the art Mid-frequency induction heaters for both assembly and disassembly. The applications are many. This safe and cost-effective heating method allows you to quickly heat all kinds of parts in order to dismount or mount. 


Standard induction heaters are used for mounting gears, bearings etc. Models are : portable, bench-top, roll-around, heavy duty. 

We can also custom make induction heaters to your specifications. 


The BETEX hydraulic self-centering pullers are popular in all workshops. For the simple reason that they are easy to use. The integral safety valve protects against overload  and ensures personal safety. 

MF Quick-Heaters for (dis)mounting (rail)

Custom designed induction heaters

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