Maintenance & hydraulic tools for bearings and transmission parts

Rail & Metro

Solutions for maintenance of rolling stock in the railway and subway industry: removing and installing bearing rings, railway bearings (TBU, SP, TAROL), train wheels, wheel rims, labyrinth rings, inner rings (NU-NJ bearings) brakes, gears etc. Repair Bogie sets. 

Middle Frequency Induction technology. BETEX MF Quick-Heaters offer secure, fast and damage-free solutions for both assembly and disassembly work. These state of the art heaters consist of a generator combined with a fixed or a flexible inductor, depending on the application. For serial work, we have standard size fixed-inductors to remove or install railway bearings and labyrinth rings. The sustainable solution if you want to work clean, controlled and energy efficient. As a bonus you are improving work-environment and work-safety! 

Custom-made Hydraulic maintenance equipment. For the rail industry, we have realized various projects in the field of maintenance of rolling stock. These are custom projects for wheelset presses, wheel rim presses, bogie lifting jacks. 

For Railway bearings we supply the BPP(S) bearing puller/pusher. Used to remove or install tapered roller bearings, railway bearing sets (TBU, SP, TAROL), this is the perfect aid to work safe and efficient. Accessories are custom ordered to fit your bearing size. 

Standard self-centering BETEX hydraulic 2/3 arm pullers are popular in the rail industry. Bega offers the largest collection of mobile hydraulic pullers up to a capacity of 150 tons. All our heavy-duty hydraulic 2/3 arm pullers are self-centering and protected against overload. The self-centering arms provide extra safety and ease of use. The harder the pulling force, the stronger the arms clamp around the workpiece. An integral safety valve prevents overload and ensures that you never exceed the maximum force. 

Brochure Rail-Metro Workshop Equipment, standard and custom-made

BETEX iDuctor 2- remove rusted railway nuts

MF Quick-Heaters for (dis)mounting (rail)

Wheel rim press

Wheelset press

Wheelset press with overhead traveling crane

Bogie lifting jack

Mobile hydraulic pullers HXPM

BPP Bearing Puller Pusher

BASIC and SMART (Delta-T) induction heaters for mounting

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