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Wheel set assembly & disassembly press BETEX HWS 150

Press for pressing on and off wheels and other components of wheel sets (bearings, brake discs, gears, etc.)

This Hydraulic Wheel set Press was designed to client’s specifications. It is used for both installation and removal of wheels on the axle. It is also suitable for other parts like bearings, gears and brake discs.
In case of mounting, the axle is pressed onto the wheel using a press cylinder, the wheel is stopped by the (red) bridge.
In case of dismounting, the axle is pressed off the wheel by the press cylinder. Depending on the space available behind the work piece, the wheel is stopped by the bridge or by special accessory jaws.
The press is fitted with a data logger, which records the force, speed and stroke of each job. This data is downloadable.
This press is multifunctional and can be used for different wheel diameters or types of wheel sets.

  • Pressing force: 150 tons
  • Stroke: 460 mm
  • With press cylinders on opposite sides
  • With 2 adapter jaws for dismounting when little space is available
  • Positioning of the wheelset by means of overhead crane
  • Manual centering of the wheelset
  • Flexible supports for the positioning the wheel set
  • Automatic recording of the course of the force, stroke and speed for each mounting/dismounting job
  • With remote control

  • For more info f.e.: other tonnage, design and functionality, please contact Mr. Gerald Keuter, Sales Manager Benelux via our contact page

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