Maintenance & hydraulic tools for bearings and transmission parts

Wind turbines

In the Wind industry we provide equipment for mounting and dismantling inner rings, bearings, bearing rings, sleeves, bearing housings, gears.

Increasing demands are being made for installation or dismantling of bearings and other components used in the wind industry. Our induction systems provide reliable and sustainable solutions, the quality of the work being done is ensured. Feel free to ask for advice, we have many examples of projects and references.

ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY - efficient and cost-effective solutions

Our BETEX MF Quick-heaters are state-of-the-art multipurpose iInduction heaters, with middle frequency 4.0 technology. 

Thanks to mid-frequency technology, energy is transferred to the workpiece effectively, heating it easily and fast. The MF Quick-Heater consists of a generator with a fixed or flexible inductor. The compact dimensions make it easy to move. MF Quick-Heaters save time because they can be used quickly (fewer actions) and heat faster than conventional methods. One of the major advantages of this type of induction heater is that they are not limited to cylindrical shaped components: flexible inductors can be wrapped around any size or shape. Since the frequency is relatively high, the penetration depth of the magnetic field is not too large, so that only the outer layer of the workpiece is heated. This principle makes heating using medium-frequency particularly suitable for dismantling purposes, such as removing bearing rings from shafts. 

For very large parts it is possible to use multiple generators. One leads, rest follow up to max. 8 generators. 

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NEW! MF Quick-Heater 3.0 - portable 3,5 kW generator

MF Quick-Heaters for (dis)mounting (wind)

BASIC and SMART (Delta-T) induction heaters for mounting

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