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Checking and Alignment

Measuring equipment for: vibration, temperature, noise and alignment.
Through regular measurements you can compile a trend over time . This allows you to plan maintenance and not be surprised by unplanned maintenance. Proper alignment of your machine park is the basis for preventing damage to bearings and the like. With Betex shims - solid or laminated -  you always have the right size at hand to finish your alignment job immediately. Available separately or in handy refillable cases.
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Ready to use solid stainless steel shims and peel-off shims
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Fixuter Laser uitlijngereedschap - Bega Special Tools

Shaft alignment computers

Minimize wear, production stoppages and unnecessary costs with shaft alignment.
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Pulley alignment computers

Different pulley alignment computers to reduce wear on sheaves / pulleys, belts, bearings and seals.
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Gruppe Überwachung tools - Bega Special Tools

Monitoring Tools

Measuring equipment for temperature, sound, vibration, etc.
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