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Use the correct puller (extractor) and you can efficiently and safely dismantle bearings, couplings, rings etc. Make your choice from capacities ranging from 4 to 150 tons!

You can choose from mechanical and hydraulic pullers: External, internal, blind, reversable, heavy duty. The unique self-centering series provide great user convenience.
The self contained hydraulic pump and cylinder save space, as you don’t need a separate pump, hose or puller. Easy to convert, 2-arm or 3-arm puller. The arms slide inwards or outwards simultaneously. The harder the force, the tighter the jaws grip. The arms cannot bend or deflect.

BETEX mechanical auxiliary tools

BETEX KZZ, Shaft protectors and Mini presses
(3) products
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BETEX mechanical pullers

For universal applications.
(7) products
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Betex HSP serie 2/3 arm self-centering pullers - Bega Special Tools

BETEX hydraulic bearing pullers

self-centering, integrated pump and cilinder, separate pumps
(7) products
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Betex HXP 100 TON mobile hydraulic puller - Bega Special Tools

BETEX Mobile hydraulic pullers

hydraulic pullers 25-150 t capacity, self-centering, mobile
(9) products
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