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Industrial Hydraulic Tools (700-2800 bar)

BETEX® Hydraulic Power! Professional hydraulics for industrial use

BETEX ®HYDRAULIC POWER! Is a growing range of high pressure workshop hydraulic equipment, developed by Bega Special Tools. Ideal for performing a wide variety of maintenance jobs in your workshop or production area.

The products are produced and tested according to international standards (ISO 9001-2008).
The maximum operating pressure is 700 bar standard.

  • Hydraulic cylinders, pumps, spreaders / lifting products, jacks, workshop presses and workbenches
  • Standard 700 bar
  • High pressure hand pumps in 1000, 1500 and 2800 bar
  • Compatible with major international brands
  • Supply from stock

Contact Bega sales team to make the correct choice of cylinders and pumps.
T +31 578 668000 or E sales@bega.nl

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