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Mounting (dismounting)

Tools for damage-free assembly of bearings, couplings, gears, bushings, bearing rings, etc. Correct assembly improves the life of your machines and production. Use of appropriate tools will improve the quality of production. This affects machine downtimes and loss of production. When equipment fail, then it is important that technicians have the proper tools, in order to effectively carry out repairs

NEXT GEN induction heaters with Delta-T, 50/60Hz
Meet our new generation of BETEX® Low frequency induction heaters Including touch screen, log function, double temperature measurement with delta-T control, for stress-free heating.

BETEX portable Induction heaters for bearings up to 50 kg

Portable induction bearing heaters for use in workshop and on site.
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Induction heaters - Bearings up to 200 kg

New generation low frequency induction heaters
(6) products
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BETEX Induction heaters for bearings up to 3500 kg

Standard & TURBO induction bearing heaters. 3.6 kVA to 100 kVA.
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BETEX Induction accessories

Heat resistant gloves, magnetic probes, etc.
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BETEX MF-Quick Heater 22kW on a trolley - Bega Special Tools

BETEX MF Quick-Heater for mounting, dismounting, pre-heating

Mounting & dismounting of transmisions parts, bearings, NU/NJ, inner rings etc.
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Betex Cone Heater CHC controlled - Bega Special Tools

BETEX Cone Heater

Easy mounting by shrink fitting, suitable for heating of bearings, gears, bushes, cogwheels, couplings and other round metal workpieces.
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Betex Impact - engraved numbers - Bega Special Tools

BETEX Impact fitting tool

For safe and damage free mounting of bearings, bushes, o-rings etc.
Cold mounting for small and medium sized bearings
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