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BETEX Induction heaters for bearings up to 3500 kg

Induction bearing heaters
Induction heating is a superior, fast and controlled heating method. It is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative for traditional heating methods such as ovens, oil baths or blow torches. These methods cause smoke, fumes or oil waste and are hazardous for personal health and safety.

Bega induction bearing heaters are versatile and are used for safe  heating of bearings (NU, NJ) gear wheels, bushings, couplings, innerrings, labyrinth rings, train wheels etc. etc. It is common knowledge that a correct mounting method extends bearing life.
Controlled induction heating prevents unnecessary damage, and retains original pre-lubrication. Induction heaters are ideal for sealed bearings (2RS-ZZ).

TURBO models offer low energy consumption combined with high output as an added advantage.
The maximum TURBO effect is achieved with heating in the horizontal position!

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