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Low frequency induction heaters

WITH THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY ... Bearing manufacturers recommend induction heating as the superior heating method. Modern heaters offer many advantages, such as time or temperature control, energy and time efficiency, safety for part and for person. Our new generation of BETEX® low and medium frequency induction heaters now offer even more benefits.

The BASIC series replaces part of the standard BETEX workbench models, herewith, updated .

The new advanced SMART series is used when more control over the heating process is required. These models have a modern touchscreen and 2 temperature sensors for double measurement (Delta-T).
Two temperature sensors measure the inside and outside temperature of the bearing (component) and adjust the heating according to the set values. This way, the maximum permitted temperature difference between 2 points can never be exceeded. An even and uniform heating is achieved and material stress is avoided. The heaters have a USB port for logging purposes or to create a proof of work report.

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