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710400 - Auxiliary accessories for BETEX Mobipuller (10 components)

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For heavy-duty dismounting jobs. One person can do the job!

The BETEX mobile hydraulic puller quickly and easily removes machine parts such as bearings, couplings, bushings, gear wheels, etc. The Mobipuller excels in its functional and ergonomic operation. It is stable, mobile and adjustable in height. An operating pressure of up to 25 and 50 tons can be applied, at an opening of 430 mm. To ensure safe and easy operation, the electrical versions are supplied with remote control.

All models are equipped as standard with:

  • Overload protection.
  • Oil-filled pressure gauge.
  • 4 adapters (extensions): 2 x Ø40 mm and 2 x Ø50 mm.
  • 4 stable wheels with polyurethane tyres.
  • 2 castor wheels with double-functioning brake.
  • Safety cage.
  • Dimensions LxWxH: 1570x990x1510 mm.
  • The press frame can be extended in 2 steps of 190 mm each


  • Mobile
  • Can be used when there is little space behind the workpiece
  • One person can do the job
  • Extra safe thanks to the safety cage
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710400 - Auxiliary accessories for BETEX Mobipuller (10 components)
710009 - Revision set new BETEX Mobipuller
005050 - 2/2 jaw set for BETEX Mobipuller


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