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HXPC puller 50 t with crane

700016 - Hydraulic puller BETEX HXPC 50 tons

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For dismounting of all kinds of transmission parts such as bearings, couplings, gear wheels, wheels, etc.

  • The puller is self-centering, easy to manoeuvre and adjustable in height. It is easy to convert into a 2-arm or 3-arm version. The arms slide inwards or outwards simultaneously.
  • The stronger the pulling force, the tighter the jaws grip around the workpiece. Bending or deflecting is impossible.
  • Integral safety release valve prevents overload and ensures that you never exceed the maximum force.
  • Can be used in any position.
  • Remote control included.
  • Safety blanket included.


  • An electrohydraulic 230V-700 bar pump operates the cylinder and the crane. This is a 2-stage pump with an output of 2.8 litres per minute at 7 bar counter pressure.
  • The design prevents the puller arms from slipping or deflecting from behind the workpiece.
  • The crane has 2 castor wheels (self-braking) and 2 fixed wheels.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is of the spring-return type with a max. operating pressure of 700 bar (50 tons).
  • The total stroke is 159 mm. Two adapters (extensions) are included, with a total length of 310 mm.

Advantages of unique self-centering pullers:

  • The arms slide inwards or outwards simultaneously.
  • Prevents damage to shaft and object being pulled.
  • Can be operated by one person.
  • Work efficiently and save time.

This puller is also available without crane, HXP503>>

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