Maintenance & hydraulic tools for bearings and transmission parts

Induction heaters - mounting, dismounting, pre-heating

BETEX MF Quick-Heaters - Medium frequency technology, Fast and / or controlled heating with Delta-T

By applying medium-frequency technology, effective energy transfer takes place to the workpiece, which makes it heat up quickly and easily. The MF QuickHeater consists of a generator with a fixed or flexible inductor. The compact dimensions make it easy to move. MF Quick-Heaters save time because they can be used quickly (fewer actions) and heat faster than conventional methods. The energy consumption is much more efficient because less power is used. One of the major advantages of this type of induction heater is that they are not limited to cylindrical shape components: flexible inductors can be wrapped around any size or shape.

For bearings, sleeves, labyrinth rings, bearing rings, bearing housings, rollers, pipes, train wheels, bushings, couplings, gears, sprockets ...

A safe and cost effective heating method. You save time. You save material. You can reuse (expensive) parts. Compared to traditional methods, there are many advantages with this new technique. Personal safety is a very important part of this.

Advantages of BETEX MF Quick-Heaters 

  • For mounting, dismounting and preheating 
  • Suitable for steel, cast iron, stainless steel and titanium 
  • Temperature and/or time controlled heating 
  • Double temperature measurement (ΔT monitoring) 
  • Low connection power (32/63 Amp) 
  • Generators are adjustable from 2.5 to 22/44 kW 
  • Easy to use and flexible 
  • Suitable for production and maintenance applications 
  • No residual magnetism 
  • No fire hazard due to open flames 
  • No noise, fumes or smoke nuisance 
  • Air-cooled: no water cooling needed 
  • Because the work is carried out damage-free, expensive components can be reused 





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