Maintenance & hydraulic tools for bearings and transmission parts


Tools for damage-free assembly (and disassembly) of bearings, couplings, sprockets, gear wheels, bushings, bearing rings, etc. Correct assembly improves the life of your machines and production. Use of appropriate tools will improve the quality of production. This affects machine downtimes and loss of production. When equipment fail, then it is important that technicians have the proper tools, in order to effectively carry out repairs

Mounting:                         induction heaters>>   fitting tool Impact>>    cone heater>>

Mounting/Dismounting        hand-held iDuctor>>    Mid-frequency heaters>>

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Portable/hand held heaters - up to 50 kg

Induction heaters - bearings up to 150 kg

Induction heaters - bearings up to 3500 kg

Induction accessories

Easy mounting/dismounting with mid-frequency

Electric bearing heaters

Bearing fitting tool sets

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