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Custom made induction heaters

Custom induction heaters

Bega designs and builds customized induction heaters for serial heating of parts, such as bearings, gears, bushings, rings and aluminum housings of E-motors. If fast heating and accurate temperatures are important, these so-called "Specials" offer surprising possibilities. These machines can also  be integrated in fully automatic production processes, if desired with a pick-and-place unit.

A big advantage is the use of application of low frequency, 50 / 60Hz. Investments are lower compared to medium or high-frequency solutions. On request we will send you the brochure with examples of these "Specials".

Why induction heating?

Induction heating is a superior, fast and controlled heating method. It is a safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating methods such as ovens, oil baths or gas burners. These cause odor and smoke nuisance and are a risk for personal safety and a healthy working environment.

For all kinds of workpieces!

Depending on size, dimensions, available energy source (Amperage?), Temperatures of 150-400 ° C can be reached in seconds. This method of heating is suitable for the most popular metals and alloys.

  • Spectacular heating times: 15 to 300 seconds
  • Temperatures up to 480 ° C
  • Suitable for the most popular metals and alloys.
  • Automatic, semi-automatic or manually operated.


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