Maintenance & hydraulic tools for bearings and transmission parts


Europoort novelties

Europoort novelties

Bega Special Tools, first-timer at the Europort 2015

Hal 2, 2116 

Bega Special Tools is a Dutch manufacturer and supplier for high quality tools for mounting and dismounting of bearings and other transmission parts. Keywords for all equipment are: personal safety, working efficiently, avoid damage, uptime! 

Novelties at the exhibition are 2 portable induction heaters: the BETEX iDucotor, a hand held heater that   BETEX iDuctor, a microprocessor-controlled, portable hand-held heater designed for single-handed operation.  The innovative hand tool will be marketed under the name of ‘Betex iDuctor’ and found on display at the 2015 Hannover Messe. The device was specially developed to locally heat small metal components, such as drive components, bolts, nuts, couplings and rings. Once the desired power level and warm-up time are set, localised heating of the respective object may be achieved in a matter of seconds. So it is an ideal solution for stuck nuts and bolts. Contrary to a conventional blow torch or grinder, the advantage of working with this hand tool is that it operates without a flame. The use of open fire of a blow torch always entails some form of risk in workshops and may cause air pollution. And even an angle-grinder is far from ideal. Apart from causing sparks, it also damages the area surrounding the part. Yet, the new model has none of these drawbacks. 

Nieuw is ook de BETEX 24 XLDi, een in eigen beheer ontwikkelde lichtgewicht koffer-model verhitter. Deze 7 kilogram wegend apparaat is speciaal ontwikkeld voor het verwarmen van roterende delen – zoals lagers, tandwielen en koppelingen - om montage door middel van krimppassing mogelijk te maken. Doordat bij deze nieuwe inductieverhitter gewerkt wordt met middelfrequent techniek, zijn de ontwikkelaars van Bega Special Tools erin geslaagd om een forse gewichtsbesparing te realiseren. 

The 2nd new induction heater is the BETEX 24 XLDi, a light-weight, portable induction heater. Developed in-house, the device design is based on the ‘Safety first’ motto.  It is particularly suitable for heating rotating parts – such as bearings, gears and couplings – enabling a shrink-fit. Contrary to the relatively heavy, low frequency induction heaters, this new BETEX® 24 XLDi induction heater weighs merely 7 kilograms. The new model’s substantial weight reduction was realised thanks to the application of medium frequency technology, which does not require a massive U-shaped core in conjunction with heavy steel yokes. 

Interesting new-comer in the world of industrial hydraulics is Bega's brand BETEX® HYDRAULIC POWER. a growing family of cylinders, pumps, spreaders, jacks, standard 700 bar. All products are compatible with major brands and suitable for all kinds of maintenance work in factories and worlkshops 

Zeer interessant is het BETEX® HYDRAULIC POWER hydrauliek, een groeiend programma van cilinders, pompen, spreiders, vijzels, standaard 700 bar. Dit programma is uitwisselbaar met alle gangbare merken en uitstekend geschikt voor het uitvoeren van allerlei onderhoudswerkzaamheden in fabriek of werkplaats. 

*Bega Special Tools was founded in 1978. Bega is manufacturer and distributor of BETEX® Special Tools for safe, cost effective mounting and dismounting of bearings and transmission parts. The tools are used in production and maintenance departments in MRO and OEM companies.  Bega exports to over 60 countries and serves all types of industries. With special solutions in for instance Wind, Rail, Mining and Steel industry.  With these Special Tools Bega aims to improve the quality of maintenance and installation of rotating parts in machines, thus obtaining a longer lifespan. en distributeur van Perma automatische smeersystemen.

Standnummer: Hal 2, 2116 

More information: 

Bega Special Tools, Postbus 118, 8160 AC Epe, t.a.v. mw. C. Poelma, tel. 0578-668000,  e-mail, website 

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