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BETEX 62 expanders

MP7450260 - Push puller set BETEX MP7450260

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Internal expander-puller up to a bore of Ø 150 mm

This special expander system has been developed to facilitate rapid and effective dismantling under difficult conditions, in blind holes.

The multiple adjustable jaws (up to 6) ensure the correct grip from behind the bearing, bush etc. Bearings, bushes, sealings etc. are extracted effortlessly. Distortion is excluded. The counter supports are universal, meaning that the arms can be adjusted in any position for the most optimal pressure point. 

You can easily remove bearings, bushings seals, etc. 

Smaller, larger and longer sizes are available on request.

BETEX 62-9 Slide hammer puller

  • Use in combination with the internal puller. Slide hammer weight: 0,9 kg
  • 2 sizes with strokes of 90 mm and 300 mm
  • 2 connecting threads (M10 and M14x1,5) 

The advantage of the slide hammer is that it can be used independent of any supporting face. After positioning the internal puller the slide hammer is connected through the hexagon adaptor.

  • Up to  bore-diameter 39,5 mm Nr. 62-9092
  • Up to bore-diameter 79,5 mm Nr. 62-9302
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