Outils de maintenance et hydrauliques pour roulements et composants de transmission


Solutions for maintenance of rolling stock in the railway and subway industry: removing and installing bearing rings, railway bearings (TBU and SP bearing sets), train wheels, train rims, labyrinth rings, inner rings (NU-NJ bearings) brakes, gears etc. Repair Bogie sets. 

Medium Frequency Induction technology by BETEX® offers secure, fast and damage-free solutions for assembly and disassembly work. In particular for bearings and labyrinth rings, this is of great importance. In consultation with our client, we design the required inductors for any type or size bearing. These may be "fixed" or a flexible type of hose-inductors. Medium Frequency Induction Heating offers surprising solutions to many (yet to be discovered) areas. This technique makes it possible to reuse parts.  (MF Quick-Heater>>)

Our self-centering hydraulic 2/3 arm pullers (HXPM 50t 100t 150 t cap) are very popular in the rail industry. They are very user friendly and the patented self-centering arms provide extra security.

Reuse of parts is now possible due to the high quality of work.

Rail-Metro Workshop Equipment 2018

MF Quick-Heater Middle frequency heaters - assembly & disassembly

Hydraulic wheel rim press

Wheel set assembly and disassembly press HWS 150 t

HXPM 100 t hydr. puller

BPP Bearing Puller Pusher

Standard & TURBO heaters, mounting

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