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BETEX WSPE Electric - 30-300T

7513016 - Workshop press BETEX WSPE30 S380 W750 USA

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BETEX WSPE SHOP PRESSES ELECTRIC, 30 - 300 TON                                        

These electric hydraulic workshop presses are suited for general assembly work, straightening, and for testing a wide range of components.

Unique! You have a choice of two different piston speeds: as soon as the rapidly lowering piston detects counter pressure, it will automatically switch back to a lower speed.

  • High quality! The robust steel frame is welded for maximum stability and a long life span.
  • Extremely well suited for high-precision work, manual or electric operation.
  • Work surface height is easy to adjust.
  • Cylinder can be moved horizontally on the upper frame
  • Two piston speeds, chrome-plated piston with removable piston head.
  • Includes gauge for exact press force readings.
  • Joystick for high-precision piston operation.
  • Double-acting hand pump (except for 300-ton version) for high-precision piston operation.
  • 220V CEE connector to connect a lamp or drill, if required.
  • The presses are supplied without oil. (Advice: Tellus 46)


- Foot pedal (30-300 t)

- Set of V blocks

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7513047 - Set V-blokken BETEX 50 ton werkplaatspersen
7513041 - Set V-blocks BETEX 30-60 tons Workshop press
7513042 - Set V-blocks BETEX 100 tons Workshop press
7513043 - Set V-blocks BETEX 160 tons Workshop press
7513044 - Set V-blocks BETEX 200 tons Workshop press
7513045 - Set V-blocks BETEX 300 tons Workshop press
7513039 - Mandrel set Ø 18, 33, 45, 58 en 72 mm for 100 ton presses
7513038 - Mandrel set Ø 5, 10, 14, 24 en 29 mm for 50 ton presses
7513040 - Foot pedal BETEX motorized Workshop press


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